Three Ways a Silk and Satin Scarf Can Add Warmth to Your Fall Wardrobe

Three Ways a Silk and Satin Scarf Can Add Warmth to Your Fall Wardrobe

Densely woven satin and silk scarves are a great bet for your fall wardrobe. While many people associate satin and silk scarves with as a purely decorative accessory, they also offer warmth as the weather changes.

Silk is surprisingly warm because silk fibers are long which means that they can be woven into a very tight weave. Very tightly woven silk scarves such as Vietnamese satin silk scarves are great in cold weather because they trap your natural body heat.


1)     Wear as a shawl – Extend the length of your summer clothes by draping a silk or satin scarf around your shoulders. Frequently fall days start out cool but warm up by mid- afternoon. You can start your day with wearing a silk shawl and remove it as the day warms up.


2)     Wear a satin or silk scarf tightly wrapped around your neck. This sophisticated look can be worn all through fall and winter and is surprisingly warm. One simple way to tie a neck scarf involves two steps. First, drape a long scarf around the back of your neck, letting one end hang longer than the other down the front. Second, wrap the long end once around the back of your neck, bringing forward. It should end with both ends hanging down your front.


3)     Wear an oblong silk scarf as a head scarf. This classic look is often evocative of Hollywood starlets, but it is remarkably practical.  Simply drape the silk or satin scarf over your head and wrap both ends around the back. Tuck into the back of your coat and you’re protected on blustery fall days.


Besides keeping you warm, adding a silk satin scarf can add a pop of color to neutral, fall fabrics.


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