5 hot colors for summer 2012 – accessorize with raw silk scarves

A silk scarf is an easy way to incorporate the trendy colors of summer into your wardrobe. A scarf is a relatively inexpensive so you can add the hot colors without breaking the bank. Raw silk is extremely lightweight and can be worn comfortably in summer. So what’s hot for summer?

1) Tangerine

Tangerine Raw Silk Scarf
Pantone named tangerine the color of 2012, so get ready to see this bright hue everywhere this spring. Tangerine is a highly-saturated orange with a reddish undertone, which makes it a flattering shade on most skin tones.

2) Yellow

Yellow Raw Silk Scarf
Citron yellow is just on the verge of being fluorescent. Adding a yellow piece to your wardrobe is sure to brighten up your whole look and, as a bonus, will instantly make your skin look more tan — no fake-baking required! Yellow always goes together with orange. When orange is trendy yellow gets popular too.

3) Turquoise

Turquoise Raw Silk Scarf
Turquoise is another hot color for spring and summer, 2012, in fact, it is one of the hottest colors this year. It is sometimes used alone, but often mixed with white, brown and sometimes with black or silver.

4) Hot Pink

Hot Pink Raw Silk ScarfThe two over-ridding themes are bold and bright or toned-down and muted. Hot pink is another spirited tone joining orange, yellow and turquoise as one of the most popular for 2012.

5) Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Silk ScarfThe bright tones will look very sharp when paired with another trendy color, chocolate brown. This rich shade is everywhere. When a luminous, saturated shade, such as sunny yellow, is paired with a rich neutral, like chocolate brown, the effect is amazing.

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