Celebrating the Benefits of Silk

Silk is widely regarded as the most luxurious textile on the planet. Silk has been celebrated throughout history. In ancient times people in authority wore silk scarves. It set them apart. Even today a silk scarf connotes elegance and luxury. The luxuriousness of silk is not merely an image; silk really is special and unique.

Silk both insulates and cools. The low conductivity of silk keeps you warm in the winter, and at the same time it absorbs moisture while letting your skin breath making silk comfortable in the summer. Silk garments and silk scarves are perfect for both summer and winter.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic due to its protein structure. Very few people are allergic to silk. In addition, there is research that indicates that silk contains natural substances that ward off various environmental allergens including dust mites, mold and fungus.

Silk wears well. Because of silks unique sheen, colors radiate and assume a luminescent character. Thanks to silks fine and smooth fiber structure, silk flows in a supple and soft way. Silk scarves are very easy to drape around the neck. In spite of the delicate appearance of silk, it is relatively robust. The smooth surface of silk resists soils and stains more than many other textiles.

Today silk has become much more affordable than in the past. While a great deal of silk is mass produced, countries such as Vietnam still produce silk using more traditional techniques. It is a testament to their long and rich history of silk making that Vietnamese silk scarves and garments are among the finest in the world.

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